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A little bit about yours truly:

I created a Christmas page/m. Fun and The crowd at URL www.jul-pcsjov.dk/index.htm  with a lot of graphics and images. Incl. Calendar.
There is a side with spas and fun as well as yearly calendar on URL / sjov-spas/

A little bit about yours truly: did in the ' 70s and ' 80s worked as caretaker and Heat champion in 2 different buildings and as I was happy. But in the late ' 80s it went wrong with div. deaths in my family and disease. It took pretty tough on me mentally with ulcers and depression to follow for several years. So I have had social anxiety disorder and depression since then. I had ups and downs since the system would not grant psychological help in the ' 90s. Has continuously had the psychiatric interviews and received medication in the worst periods.
Both symptoms is chronic and must always take medication in consultation with your own physician. For short periods, I can do without medicine and the stairs down, in consultation with the doctor.
Has also been håndtremor in the right hand that cannot be done better since I already get beta blocks for the heart? Have learned to live with this, too, and learned to use his left hand to write with, etc. And it goes fine.

I was looking to get early retirement over the years, but a Medical consultant was guilty of refusal. First in 2004 went an application through after 2 blood clots occurred in 2003-in 2007 I came upon people's pension and have had it reasonable for daily and forward to I got a blood clot again in 2013. It is now year ago's with regular checks as well as rehabilitation and adjustment of my heart medicine, and as recently as is revised downwards. It has reasonable after those circumstances with periods of depression and anxiety.

About me:
Is now retiree and thrive on this. * Kids * are now adults. Have two beautiful daughter in law and a wonderful ex son in law and I have 6 beautiful grandchildren (All girls)


I recommend users to look inside on Depression and anxiety forum (Closed Group) You must be enrolled in the group to read with and write there.

 Copenhagen N the 12 April 2016


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